Music has a big influence on how we feel. This is something Lavi is very aware of, as she is quite sensitive to sound. She wants music that is relaxing and pleasant. Music that is also filled with good rhythms and catchy hooks. This resulted in songs that may sound strangely familiar at times but there is also something refreshingly different about them.

Musically, Lavi’s tunes are soulful and with her warm vocal timbre, there is a summery air to them. People who like John Mayer and Jack Johnson could definitely get into her songs. If you just had a long day of work, you should definitely check this out. The songs are produced by Lavi’s husband, who, besides his musical ideas, really got down to the nitty gritty to get every musical detail right.

What makes Lavi’s music different is that everything is performed and recorded in 432Hz. Research shows that music greatly impacts mood and even has effects on health. It is said that music in 432Hz has an even greater impact. Listen to her songs and find out for yourself!


Lavi was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Rwanda, Brazil and Australia since then. Her love for music started when she was just one year old. She danced and sang joyfully to the beats of her mother’s African music collection. She hasn’t stopped singing ever since.



  • 2018 - Radio 5 LIVE performance
  • 2016 - Concert in Pandora, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht

"These are great musicians."

(Yvonne Sprunken, Evangelische Omroep)

"Relaxing music with a warm vibe like a summer breeze! Lavi is a genuine singer songwriter with music that will make your day a little brighter."

(Jenni Dufoort, Singer Songwriter)

What people are saying about 'GREEN EYES'

  • I just got home in a cold house... and then to hear the warming tunes of this beautiful song! Incredibly beautiful!
  • What a super relaxing song! Very well done! We can't wait to hear to rest!
  • Great song man! I'm loving the vibe 😀 And such quality! Excited to hear the rest!