Soulful Acoustic 432Hz music

Lavi Frost


My name is Lavi Frost. I’m a singer and songwriter from the Netherlands. After having sung other people’s music for years, I decided the time was right to share some of my own songs!

Soulful & laid back 432Hz music is what I make. Characterized by a jazzy and warm sound. I hope my music can be an escape to the worry-free land you would like to be in sometimes… My goal is for you to be encouraged, ready to handle everything that life throws at you after spending some time with these timeless tunes.

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Lavi Frost


My debut EP is out and available online everywhere!

Do you, however, want to support me and my music specifically, then you can buy the EP here too 🙂 You decide how much you want to donate! (Thanks heaps!)


My EP is recorded in a special sound frequency: 432Hz.

If you know what this means, this is probably the reason you’re here. If you don’t, here is a quick explanation:

Generally, all music these days is tuned at the sound frequency of 440Hz. It means the A note is tuned at that specific amount of Hertz, everything is a little lower than with 440Hz tuning.

Many people believe that music in 432Hz is more natural to the body and therefore, it would have a calming effect. Research confirms this idea. I wanted to experiment with it and see how it works.

Enjoy the listen, and if you think 432Hz music is more relaxing than 'normal' 440Hz music, let me know!